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    How are you guys using the ninja flash cards, brains cape used to be amazing and now that they decided that you have to pay for everything, it seems like a not so great option. Has Jeff suggested another app? Thanks in advance!

    AUD - PASS

    FAR - PASS

    REG - PASS

    BEC - PASS

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    I've worked out a deal with Brainscape, so importing CSVs will be a thing of the past…they will live inside the brainscape app natively.

    Give me a week or two – I'll be offering the flashcards via brainscape at a huge, ninja-friendly discount.

    When you're working with another entity – sometimes things move slowly to get things done, but the wait will be worth it.

    You're welcome to upload your old flashcard files elsewhere via other apps – as long as they are private and aren't publicly shared, for obvious reasons.

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    I spent a week writing them all out for REG. It was a long process, but similar to re-writing the notes. Still easy to toss in my purse and carry around.

    BEC - 57, 68, 78
    REG - 62, 82
    AUD - 61, 76
    FAR - 79

    No one ever fails the CPA exam, there are only those who give up.

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