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    So I took FAR (around October) and unfortunately failed (got 50 eek) I recently signed up for NINJA CPA and am taking the test again in 5 weeks (starting to restudy now). I’m unfamiliar with Ninja as I was previously using Becker. Does anyone have any good tips/tricks for it? From what I gather I was thinking of doing 50 MCQ’s a day which will cover almost all of the MCQ’s offered in the course (seems like there’s a lot).

    Not sure if that’s enough to pass a second time but looking for any recommendations. Thanks!

    AUD - studying with Becker

    BEC - 59, 73

    FAR - studying with Becker

    REG - studying with Becker

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    Because FAR is comprehensive, I chose to study this first. In my UWorld Roger CPA lectures, Roger states that it's a mile wide and an inch high. Given this, I'm doing the lectures and reading materials, and de-emphasizing the MCQ's for now, only because I know that if I truly know the material, the MCQ's will naturally be doable. With the mega-distractions I have, I use Roger's recommendations to allot the same period of time a day for study.


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    I have nothing against Ninja, in fact I recommend it as an addition to another “main” course. As was already said, Roger has a phenomenal course, they make sure your base of knowledge is solid. They do it with really good and engaging lectures and the way they structure the material to be really intuitive and easy to understand. Once you have a solid understanding of the material then I would suggest adding Ninja for the extra MCQs and other resources they offer.


    Can't speak to Ninja, but some general advice regarding studying & MCQs – a lot of people hit those hard and constantly, and that can be effective, but make sure that you're critically thinking about the question/answer each time; don't fall into the trap of remembering what the answer is but not why it's correct. I found that taking notes during lectures and then taking new notes on difficult sections during review was a more effective use of my time than banging out MCQs. But it varies by person; find out what works best for you and commit to that. Good luck!

    BEC - 90 (7/19, 8 weeks)
    FAR - 78 (10/19, 10 weeks)
    AUD - 75 (12/19, 8 weeks)
    REG - 90 (7/20, ~12 weeks, split up)

    Ethics - 97 (~6 hours to go through the material & take the quiz)
    Licensed in Virginia (10/20, ~1.5 weeks to process after submitting everything)

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