How to incorporate Wiley and NINJA in the most effective/efficient way.

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    NINJA Question –

    I am studying for FAR and Wiley seems to have SO much content that I tend to get bogged down or behind on the “suggested” syllabus. I find myself going back and forth between the Wiley lesson plans and assessments and then the NINJA MCQS, which also doesn’t seem to be very effective.I am an under a slight time crunch so was hoping someone who has used Wiley and NINJA found a successful and efficient way of incorporating the two study frameworks? Or Has anyone found more success forgoing the Wiley plan and used NINJA as the primary framework and referred to Wiley when necessary?

    Thanks for any input!

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    BJ, I used Wiley first 6 test attempts (Passed Audit, then passed BEC, failed FAR, failed REG, failed REG, failed FAR). After four unsuccessful attempts in a row i switched to Ninja. At first i tried to incorporate both study guides equally, which resulted in a lot of inefficient back and forth. It was hard to ignore Wiley completely after spending so much $$$ on it but converting to almost entirely Ninja was what worked for me (passed REG and FAR first try with Ninja).

    My suggestion is devote almost all of your study time to Ninja(specifically MCQ's), only using Wiley for further clarification on concepts/topics and maybe some sims practice. Ultimately, completing 1500-2000 Ninja MCQ's per test attempt was most beneficial for me.


    Really…it depends on your study methods. I had Wiley, and used it with no success for too long. After I lost my REG credit, I decided to basically completely ditch Wiley (I was trying to incorporate it with Ninja previously) and just focused on Ninja. Went on to pass all 4 exams (had to take BEC twice before I passed) within 6 months.

    My method: I hammered Ninja MCQs, taking notes on all wrong answers. Once I was out of the assessment phase, I would check to see my weak areas. I would read the Ninja and/or Wiley book on those areas, then answer MCQs on just those topics before resuming a variety. To echo @Giant$ – this was the most beneficial route for me.

    AUD - 85
    BEC - 84
    FAR - 82
    REG - 78
    Ethics - 95
    Licensed in IL & MO

    AUD - 56 - 68 - 61 - 9/8/16
    REG - 75
    FAR - 7/15/16
    BEC - TBD

    Wiley CPAexcel and NINJA 10 Point Combo


    Wiley almost made me quit because of their crappy explanation for one crappy question. I had a nervous break down, but people's support on here, especially Jeff's, kept me studying. I am done with studying with Wiley's plan – for FAR, and I am at the review stage, about to purchase Ninja. I just kept going using Wiley – just completing all of their lesson plans, because their videos aren't bad at all, and doing the assessments. I think it is a good idea to stick with one thing, and then Ninja is great for review. So I plan to review until I sit on Aug 17th. That is a long time to review, but now I'm just using Anki to make index cards for all my notes, and I make an index card for any question that I get wrong…I actually ditched taking notes towards the end and just started putting key stuff into index cards. I can't wait to be able to clean, workout, while listening to Ninja audio. I heard that Ninja explanations are the shyt. I haven't purchased the WIley book, but I did purchase an e-book rental of the latest intermediate accounting book by Kieso et al. (Dr. Bain's advice!). I really like reading the text book because it really gives me the WHY with good real life examples and also brings accounting to life for me. I really couldn't stand Wiley's lessons on leases, because I couldn't click with the prof that did those lessons. So reading the e-book intermediate textbook really helped and I think I can just memorize the stuff that i don't get because I am just not as sharp as I was back in college and my 3.89 GPA is probably not reflective of my current brain power.
    I also couldn't click with the prof that did their gov't lessons on Wiley Just. Not. Getting. It. So I might buy a gov't accounting book rental too. Depending on how well Ninja gets into that. d
    Well I have studied with Wiley since about beginning of May. I have two little kids. It is really hard.

    So I think that going back and forth can waste a lot of time. I waited to get thru all the lessons with WIley – some of them I just literally skimmed (the gov't lessons) and just stumbled through the assessments and learned from getting the answers wrong – because I just wanted to get thru to the end…Even just skimming the topics briefly, understanding what I NEED to know, and getting that familiarity, so that my brain knows what I need to work on.
    Wiley is so amazing but sometimes just awful. It is a love/hate relationship. I think I love them more than I hate them, but now it feels good to be done with them for a while and just focus on Ninja.

    This is BrightLight,

    Over and out.

    “The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.” ― Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace)

    To put it even more into perspective. Using Wiley was taking me 2 – 2.5 months of studying per test attempt, overall managed 6 test attempts in 14 months with only 2 passing grades. After switching to Ninja, I completed 2 test attempts (REG & FAR btw) in 4 months.

    Now maybe studying Wiley first contributed to exam success with Ninja but I truly believe Ninja is the best resource out there for passing the CPA exam. Hammering out MCQ's almost seems like “too easy” of a study strategy but it will pay dividends


    Wiley isn't the best study tool for those trying to pass the exams quickly. It focuses on the concepts then tests you on those concepts in a variety of ways. If you're trying to pass 3 exams in one quarter then Wiley isn't the best tool to use. If you're like me and taking a more methodical approach by sitting for one exam a quarter, it's perfect. Incorporating NINJA does offer variety but I'm a true believer that you can pass these exams using only one prep course. It just depends on your approach.

    FAR-Mar 9,2020 (failed 71), retest May 21
    BEC-Passed(I had a few stops and starts because I was studying during my busy season. Lost track of my study stats.)
    AUD-Passed(8 weeks,1877 MCQs, and 38 TBSs)-Wiley
    REG-Passed(10 weeks, 2000 MC)-Wiley

    I agree with the comments about Wiley. You can pass with just one review course, and Ninja does seem to be very helpful. I used Wiley to pass AUD, BEC (two attempts), and REG (two attempts). Wiley does seem to have convoluted explanations and it took me longer to review the MCQ answers. I purchased Ninja because I failed FAR twice so this will be my third attempt and I needed a change in material. 🙁 My trending score is going downward after the evaluation stage, but it's only been two weeks and I take my exam late August. So far, Ninja is very helpful because Jeff does a great job “translating” the CPA material into language for non-accounting people. Also, the audio is great because I listen to it in my vehicle and while sleeping. I do plan to use Wiley's test bank after I finish all the Ninja's MCQ. I was rushing to take my exam before the August 14th cutoff, but I am giving myself extra time to pass because I have to pass FAR before October or I lose AUD. 🙁

    AUD - 81
    BEC - 77
    FAR - 76
    REG - 80
    AUD - 81
    BEC - 70, 77
    FAR - 70, 70, 76
    REG - 70, 80
    (I used WileyCPA and Ninja-FAR only)

    It took almost two years, but I am now finished with my CPA exams.

    Jimmy Dugan

    There is no reason to use both Wiley and Ninja (unless you are doing it for the Bisk videos, notes, or some of the other supplemental Ninja material). I have used both, and the test banks are basically identical.

    AUD - 95
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 84
    REG - 90
    You're killing me Smalls


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