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    Besides catching up with all my DVR shows? Wow, I guess I'll celebrate by taking my kids to Chuck E. Cheese (more for them to celebrate, since they had to put up with me studying all the time).


    I want to go to bed early and wake up late on weekend without worries after passing the exam !! yeahhhh!!


    I am hoping to finish this journey in July 2012. Hopefully I will pass my last section before my 26th birthday.

    I plan to do things on weekends besides study! I want to have garage parties at my house again, take my pups to the beach, lay out by the pool, visit my friends in Austin and drink…a lot…and have a life! I have a list a mile long of books I am waiting to read. Including the Hunger Games! I plan on using my iPad for more than Ninja Notes and a Countdown to Test Day!

    Here is to being a CPA IN 2012!! WOOHOO!!!


    Hope to pass all sections by year end, then I will concentrate on my remaining 12 credit hours need to be licensed. THEN I'll celebrate! I'm thinking a trip to Eurpoe:)

    REG 11/28/11 - 88
    BEC 04/04/12 - 88
    FAR 07/23/12 - 90
    AUD 11/2012 - 92



    Drink champagne, have a nice dinner, get sleep, and get away to the woods for a weekend.

    R - 74;88
    A - 84
    B - 74;89
    F - no study = 67; May 15 = 87 & done


    My fiance and I are going to see War Horse and The Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center in DC after I pass! SO excited.

    REG (2/24/12) - 89
    AUD (4/5/12) - 89
    FAR (5/31/12) - 91
    BEC (7/7/12) - 84


    I am going to pull out a nice bottle of red wine and celebrate after I pass for sure!

    REG - 11/12 - 87
    BEC - 12/12 - 84
    AUD - 5/13 - 97
    FAR - 8/13 - 84

    Ethics - DONE

    Class of 2012 - 2013

    Sending in License as we speak!


    First, I'm going to go on a date with my wife and stay up late with her instead of Roger Philipp. Then, I'm going to take my family on a getaway to make up for all the time spent locked away studying and make up for being irritable, grouchy, and a general pain sometimes. I'm sure my wife will require material restitution for wrongs done that were overlooked while in pursuit of the CPA Exam in the form of something she calls “cute” and has the letters C-O-A-C-H on it.

    Thank you, Jeff, for the flashcards and helping to achieve the goal that much quicker.

    Lord, please give me a ready recollection of the things I have studied. Amen.


    I am going to send a copy of my scores to my former boss who stated I would never get my license….then take my family out for a nice dinner and just be “present” with them. 🙂

    Your poor planning is not my emergency. My poor planning is!

    I am going to finally be able to head back to the gym! The busy season 5 pounds is coming off

    AUD: 84
    BEC: 82
    FAR: 85
    REG: TBA


    Will go to cruise vacation with my family and spend all my time with my kids and then more time with my kids.


    I'm going to celebrate by catching up on a lot of sleep!

    FAR 93
    AUD 89
    REG 81
    BEC 87
    Ethics 100

    Becker 2012 Self-Study


    I take my last section (BEC) on May 5th. Scores are scheduled to be released May 22, which is two days after I am due to have my first child. So I'm hoping to celebrate by having a baby!


    God willing , I really hope to get done with this by the end of this year & enjoy my life from then on. I would like to take my parents out for a nice vacation and treat them well for keeping up with all my pains due to this exam.


    I will def. go on a long needed vacation!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 759 total)
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