Exam Sequencing Thoughts?

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    Hi All,

    I'm restarting the exam process in Texas after having REG and BEC passed previously due to timing out as I let myself get sidetracked with all of life's new adventures. I had initially started out with the thought of knock out the one that would be easiest first to build momentum, but running into the FAR and AUD walls have made me rethink my approach and I may go with the more laborious first and then work my way down from there. Did anyone else find a particular sequence helpful to them?


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    Ninja Albert

    Hi first of all, I think it is great that you have not yet given up, I for myself went straight to the hardest section FAR, after that AUD then REG (waiting for score) then lastly to BEC. I know many who did the opposite and also succeeded, but I know for myself that if I can get the “hardest” one cleared everything else will fall through.Even though every exam has different material and everyone who has different experience with different subjects, but maybe you should do what you enjoy to study first then work your self from there, in that way you will be more consistence with your game plan and staying focused.

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    FAR – REG – AUD – BEC

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