Do the notes taken from the Ninja CPA chapters need to be written by hand?

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    Do the notes taken from the NINJA CPA need to be written by hand? Now I’m not referring to the CPA Ninja notes themselves. I’m referring to the notes you take as your reading the chapters from the book. Or can I use Word or Power Point to record my notes? Would that be just as effective? I know that writing the notes by hand does help the brain register and remember the information better by having the physical contact. Thank you.

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    Ninja Albert


    I would write and not type, writing is known to be more effective, you can always have them handy, and not just write once, don't forget to rewrite the notes over and add any info. I would say to use the Ninja Sparring excel notes as a start and while you listen to any sparring replays (that is if you are) you can add, revise reword ect I'm no expert myself but That has been how I am doing it till today.

    Get your self a binder and when adding notes BY TOPIC put them in dividers and when you clear that section empty the binder and go for the next one.

    any questions you can just reply!

    Good luck


    Hey Heather,

    I personally re-write my own notes even though it does take a tremendous amount of time. However, I would suggest doing it whichever way you think helps you retain the information. Maybe try a few pages using both methods and see which one helps out a bit more.

    Another way to think about it is – is your own handwriting a lot more interesting to read than some printed text?

    Hope that helps you decide a bit!

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    That is true imagine reading a text book with the same information. instead written in your hand writing, you for sure will have a better photo in your mind, its worth the writing because when you write you know you understand the topic clear. I would say to stick to writing but if you are really a computer person, you can do that too. But most importantly the information should be in your own words that ensures clarity.


    Hi Heather, I do a combination of typing and writing, depending on where I’m at. I’ll sometimes sneak 10 minutes of reading and jotting down notes at work & since I can’t have my notepad out in front of me writing the notes down, I type them and then rewrite them by hand when I get home. It does take a little longer because it’s double work but I realized how easy it is to forget small details and rewriting them, even on the same day, helps.

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    Another tip is always review the same topic min. 2x a day either in the morning or night time by just reading it, that will help re-enforce the information. So writing it once and re-reading at least another Time the same day you won't for get the small details as @Carop said.

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