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    NINJA Question –

    I’m confused on how to exactly approach these MCQs. Do I go by each subtopic? How should I keep track of what I’m getting right and wrong? How should I write notes on what I’m getting wrong? How do I organize my notes? I don’t know I’m feeling overwhelmed and not sure what I’m doing. Please tell me what worked for you?

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    I found going through MCQs topic by topic helped me keep my notes organized. It's been awhile since I've used Ninja MCQs, so I can't quite recall how the questions are set up, but I would probably go by subtopic. When working through a question do you know why and understand why you got it wrong? I would write down anything that stood out in the question as well as anything in the explanation that helps you understand the answer. If the MCQ is a calculation, write out the steps and process to get back to that answer.

    My experience with this was a trial and error process. What works for me, may not work for you. Good luck!

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