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    I’m going to take AUD the next 10 days from today, I have been using Roger and NINJA.

    Trending score on Roger 80’s
    Trending score on Ninja 60’s

    I’m getting frustrated because the date is closer and closer.

    Not sure if some of you are experiencing of had had this issue before. I’m feeling burnt out and this is just starting.

    What can I do to help my score? Any suggestions

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    Yes, this just happened to me. I was around 85% with Roger and I answered over 1000 questions. I switched to Ninja a few days before exam and was trending around 65%. I just took the test today and am not happy with the MCQ's. My advice is ignore ROGER's MCQs as they're way too easy and focus on Ninja. AUD should be Roger's strong suit considering he was an auditor but his test bank sucks! I failed AUD earlier in the year with Roger as well. I honestly don't know if I passed today or not. AUD is very hard in my opinion.

    BEC - PASS

    FAR - PASS

    AUD - PASS

    REG - PASS


    Using Becker self-study
    FAR: (82) 175 hours - 1st attempt
    BEC: (XX)
    AUD: (69) 45hrs of study - 1st attempt
    REG: (XX)


    No offense bro, but i bet you are one of these people who's strategy is to *hammer mcqs* just hammer them until your eyes bleed! Aren't you?!
    Well, in my opinion (and it works for me personally).. You need to grasp the thing the idea behind the question, i mean things like why ratio analysis could be both an audit procedure and a risk assessment procedure, also why the inclusion of other auditors in the report is fine (whether the opinion is modified or not) while the inclusion of specialists its allowed (only if it is a qualified opinion).
    Whats the difference between (understanding the design of internal control) and (the OPERATING efficiency of internal control).. That sort of things

    Look if you think that there are 3 possibilities of a right answers you need to reread the book.. If you think there are two out of 4, you need to memorize that exact area (chapter/module)

    to get them right!
    For example in determining/assessing fraud risk there are 3 categories (ways) to respond :
    1: general response (which includes asking about mgmt choices and applications of accountimg principles)

    2: mgmt override response (which is deals in estimates and related party transactions = entries) but never deals with accounting application of accounting principle!

    3. Adjustment of nature extent and time of aud. Procedures

    You see what I mean its all there.. Why the estimates go with mgmt overide risk while accounting changes go with overall strategy?!
    Coz accounting changes are suppose to be permanent and they reflect the operations of the entity! While estimates may change every now and then.. You see it?
    Personally i wouldn't have known that without scrutinizing the book! Then the mcq would really solve themselves.. But the alloted time is a bitch tho


    Totally ignored Roger MCQ’s re-read the material and tried to understand the topics that was scoring low.

    Got a 78 F**k Audit on to the Next one.

    Thank for the help!!!

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