Anyone using AUD NINJA notes?

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    Journey to Fate

    Hi All

    Just recently got the ninja notes and ready to tackle AUD (again….). How has everyone else used the ninja notes? Just curious different techniques…

    BEC- 67, 69

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    I rewrite them before I start a lecture topic (just that section of the notes, not all of the notes) to get an overview of that topic. I then rewrite them again after I am done with all of the lecture topics and have done many MCQ's , usually about a week before the exam date, and then I reread them the morning of the exam. Hope that helps.

    REG- 81
    BEC- 72,76
    AUD- 67,88
    FAR- 78



    I rewrote them, 9 pages per night. Took just over 10 days to get through each rewrite and did it 3 times.

    FAR- 77
    AUD -49, 71, 84
    REG -56,75!
    BEC -75

    Massachusetts CPA (non reporting) since 3/12.


    I think I rewrote the pertaining parts after reading a topic in the book, and before doing the mcqs relating to that topic. I think I also rewrote (most of) them in the days right before the exam or read through them again.


    What do you mean when you guys say rewrite? Like literally word for word? Or do you add in anything from the text, examples, etc.?



    From various posts that I have read here in the past, I think that some people (like I did) re-write the notes word for word. Some people re-write the notes and also add in their own notes. Some people probably don't re-write the NINJA notes but read it and add their own notes to it. Some people just read the notes.

    People use the notes in different ways, however it fits in best with their studying.

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