Rewriting NINJA notes and/or write your own?

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    @atelery – First off, good luck on your last AUD exam on the 30th. You’re so close to becoming a CPA!

    Secondly, I noticed you rewrote all the NINJA notes for AUD. Besides rewriting the NINJA AUD notes, did you write any other notes from AUD? Did you use NINJA notes for FAR, too? If you did, did you complement the NINJA FAR notes with your own notes?

    The reason why I ask is because I’m finally done with my first round of review for FAR and I’m trying to decide what’s the best way to go about my “final” review. I’ve already read the NINJA FAR notes once. I’m wondering if I should spend my time rewriting the NINJA notes or perhaps re-read the book and write my own notes, or maybe go through all the MCQ’s and write notes based on the answer explanations.

    What did you do? I don’t think going through all the MCQ’s head on will be efficient. Although I’ve already gone through the MCQ’s once, I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of the information. I need to compile notes first so that I can refresh my memory on how to do the MCQ’s, before I actually tackle them for a second time.

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    First of all, thank you for your good luck, I am praying for easy sims cause last time scored well on MCQs but weaker on sims 🙁

    When I took audit the first time back in July I did the following:

    1) watched lectures and typed notes at the same time

    2) read/skimmed the chapter after each lecture

    3) did MCQs and took notes on questions that I missed

    4) re-did all the MCQs again for a second time

    5) did all the simulations that Becker and AICPA provided.

    This time I did the following:

    1) went straight to Becker MCQs

    2) any topics scored below 80% I re-watched the lecture on that topic

    3) took some people's advice and decided to re-write notes, however, didn't want to re-write Becker so I re-wrote Ninja, ha!

    4) re-did all the MCQs again for a second time

    5) did all the Wiley 2011 audit MCQs (about 700+)

    6) did all the Becker simulations, AICPA released questions (though are HARD), and some Wiley simulations.

    I did ALOT more this time and hope I will pass.

    I didn't purchase Ninja for FAR. But from my audit experience, re-writing Ninja helps me BIG TIME. the second time that I was doing Becker MCQs, which was after I re-wrote Ninja, I scored a lot better than my first time 🙂 usually 85% or above. I also realized that some topics Becker wasn't doing a very good job in explaining them (at least to me), I now got some of the topics because of Ninja 😀 so happy.

    I wish you all the best for FAR. 2 advices for FAR:

    1) IFRS

    2) Journal Entries

    3) basic governmental accounting, like all the funds “grasp se papi.”



    actually 3 advices, haha!!


    Sorry I sound stupid. but what is the ninja note??? is it helpful??? I write down notes while i am listening to lecture but I would like to have another note from someone so i can compare and see what i am missing….let me know if it is helpful :)thanks!

    REG (11/28/2011) - 88!
    FARE(aiming to take it in End of January 2012)


    thanks for the advice atlery! haha..that's what heavy studying does to you…you forget how to count :p

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