2016 Roger Textbooks + NINJA

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    Are the 2016 Roger Textbooks plus the NINJA course enough to pass the CPA? If so, what would be the best way to use them in combination? Thanks!

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    been there. you are wasting time with outdated material especially with all the changes in the last 3 years


    If you are invested in Ninja, and as already mentioned above, you don't need outdated material. I would just use the Ninja text over a Roger text from 2016.

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    Thanks! What would be an inexpensive supplement to NINJA then?


    You can only use it for AUD or BEC but definitely not for FAR and REG since there has been some significant changes. Use ninja text books for FAR and AUD. I use wiley 2019 text books and I personally dont like them that much. I actually recently read AUDITING for dummies since the wiley text book was dry, boring, and hard to comprehend sometimes.

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    The value to Roger's program really isn't in the textbooks, it's in the videos.
    The books weren't that great.

    Ninja includes the ninja notes that might be beneficial.
    Most courses you can just buy the books with nothing else, but I'm not sure I would recommend that.
    All depends on how you learn best.

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    As others have said – there is zero reason to use the old books if you have updated ones.

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    Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! There are great videos on YouTube too that Jeff posted among other free up to date resources to help you with the more difficult topics. The forum is a wonderful (vital) resource and a lot of study support action in the dojo forums once you sign up for Ninja! For FAR a used intermediate book may also help since you have been out of school awhile. FASB free access to the standards too. Good luck! I am rooting for you and know you can do this!

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