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    I am considering Gleim CPA Review… is it legit? Do you think it can help me pass the CPA Exam?


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    The PDF outline is most recent one, updated. I did not use the book, I print out the outline.

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    Gleim takes you a long time to get through and as previous mentioned the lectures are not good, but the books are outstanding and you will be prepared. I passed both sections of the CMA exam on the first try with Gleim (90 and 82) and recently passed FAR with a 96 using Gleim.

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 97
    FAR - 96
    REG - 92

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    I highly recommend Gleim. I passed 3/4 using it. With Becker I only passed 1/4. I also used Gleim for the Enrolled Agent exam and passed each part on the first try. I liked it so much and that's what help me decide to try CPA exam again, but with Gleim.

    The new system is much more time consuming than the old system. The old system was the same for each chapter: True False, Two Multiple Choice Quizzes and Sims. With the new system, if you do not score high enough on the quizzes and sims, it has you retake them until your score is high enough to move on.

    You can choose to just study out of the create your own quizzes. Everybody learnes differently.

    BEC -69, 69
    REG -77 (expired), 79
    FAR - ?
    AUD - 65, 67


    Using Gleim right now. Failed FAR and REG using Roger only. Roger's MPQs were right underneath the actual exam and it curved to the left. Didn't feel really prepared at all. Plus Roger's interface for SIMS is seriously TERRIBLE. Gleim is very detailed, and it hits the notes that Roger has in his textbook, but his MPQs won't ask. His MPQ practice quizzes also won't let you select detailed questions. Therefore, to practice MPQs for capital gains and losses, good luck. You'll have to fish for them and go through hundreds of them to get a few. Any Gleimers in 2018? Do you regret it? How did you incorporate Roger or Becker into it? Focus on practice quizzes or run through the practice exams? I have REG in 20 ish days.


    @jason Used GLEIM for both CMA exams and all 4 CPA exams and passed all 6 on the first attempt. My style is to read the book once and hammer MCQs and do nothing else. If that sounds like you, then I highly recommend it. I felt very prepared for all of the exams.

Viewing 5 replies - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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