Okay, Gleim this is NOT funny

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    Gleim CPA Review Question –

    Stuck in this stupid chapter of REG like for ages.

    How am I supposed to differentiate and memorize all gain/loss and basis recognition rules for

    Redemption of Stock
    Complete Liquidation
    Partial Liquidation
    Subsidiary Liquidation







    I'm done done!

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    I'm using Gleim for Reg. It took me too ages differentiate and comprehend the rules. Since they are a bit confusing and probably you might forget what you've learned, take notes! Thinks change base on the scenario. Take note, repeat them to yourself in other words. When you read a question, lets say based on partial liquidation, ask to yourself what have you learned. Read the question again carefully and apply what you already know. If you don't remember, go back to your notes! The changes that you forget again decreases when you keep reading and practicing at the same time.


    Okay. I can help.

    You have to pick your battles with Gleim.

    Create study sessions and click on the arrow next to the chapter. For chapter 11 (which covers liquidations) you will notice that very few questions are dedicated to either type. You might need to choose to learn complete (which is easier) and then wing it on partial as you're unlikely to see either on the test (Gleim devotes 12 questions to complete and 11 to partial).

    Instead, Gleim gives you 47 questions in chapter 11 for distributions and 34 for formation….These are the areas you need to learn.

    Of course, it's best to just know everything, but if you're really bogged down you need to pick and choose.

    Without disclosing test material, I can tell you that there is a very HIGH correlation between the number of questions Gleim covers for a particular sub-topic and what you will see on the test…and that is true for all sections of the exam.

    Remember, there are only 72 MCQs on the test, Gleim gives you almost 3000 for REG alone. Gotta fight the battles that can be won.

    FAR 81

    AUD 83

    BEC 93

    REG 84


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