Gleim vs Ninja for FAR

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    Hi Everyone!

    I am down to my last section…FAR..I currently use Wiley as my main review course but I am thinking about adding in either Gleim CPA Review or Ninja into my study routine. I failed REG in Q1 2018 with a 71 and then passed Q2 2018 with a 75. On my retake I used Wiley and the Gleim test bank. I was wondering if you could share your thoughts on the Gleim test bank or Ninja subscription for FAR with me?


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    While I did use Gleim and enjoyed it, Gleim and Wiley do have quite a bit of overlap. Ninja is probably more different and by default a better choice.

    FAR 81

    AUD 83

    BEC 93

    REG 84



    I took FAR three times using Gleim, first time I wasn't even in the game as I didn't know debits and credits. Round two, I got a 71, then I got another year experience doing tax and a few audits, and my firms tax wp's are the same as a compilation so I learned quite a bit more about accounting. Was excited for my test, felt I did well and went down 9 points to a 62. Got frustrated and turned to Ninja. So far, in my first go-round with Ninja went from a 74 to a 92 on BEC, 67 to a 73 in AUD and to hopefully help you out, a 62 to a 75 in FAR. I listened to the audio, read the notes, did the notecards and went through all of the MCQ's, even though at the end I just wanted to see the answers. Bob Monett's videos were a huge help with Cash flows and the dreaded Governmental accounting sections. Give yourself ample time and you should knock this thing out of the park.


    Thank you alloverit and BigDel I think I will give Ninja a try. I really appreciate your input!


    I have used GLEIM exclusively for CMA 1, CMA 2, FAR, and AUD and passed all on the first attempt. I think if you can handle their MCQs, then you should be able to handle the test.


    Iam thinking of canceling my ninja since i mostly spent all my time doing gleim. Plus, if u add ninja monthly of $67, thats $804 in 1 year… I am still debating what to do


    I used Ninja to compliment my main study course (Becker) for FAR. Used the Ninja videos, audio, MCQ and SIMS. Passed my first attempt.

    B - Pass 10/16

    A - Pass 5/17

    R - Pass 3/18

    F - Pass 1/18

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