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    My situation- Failed BEC with a 71. Failed AUD with a 72. I will be attempting both sections again in the next quarter – BEC May 5th and AUD June 9th. So I have a month each to restudy. My weakness is SIMS on both sections, though I want overall improvement in every section, including MCQ.

    My focus here is strictly test bank. I have gone over both sections in terms of actual lessons and reading / videos on Wiley. So I think I really need hard focus and practice on MCQ and a lot of practice on SIMS. I found the SIMS on Wiley to be easy compared to what I saw on the actual exams. I’m thinking a whole month of doing practice MCQ and SIMS might help to take my score over the 75 mark. I’ll obviously go back to the lessons on Wiley for whichever area of questions that I’m struggling with to supplement, but I definitely can’t afford to purchase an entirely new review course.

    So if I am purchasing just the TEST BANK should I go for Ninja or Gleim? Everyone on here seems to agree that Gleim is extremely hard and should ensure a passing grade if I can score high on the practice exams using that. Is Ninja just as difficult? For SIMS – which is better? Also, if I purchase just the test bank on Gleim CPA Review – are the explanations for the answers adequate enough so that I won’t need the actual lessons to help me understand it? For example – sometimes on Wiley, if I got a question wrong, the explanation of the answers did not help me figure out why a particular choice was wrong or right (I noticed this moreso for AUD than BEC). Will I have that problem with Gleim or Ninja?

    Thank you in advance for any advice!

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