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    Hey everyone,

    I just purchased the Gleim CPA Review CPA test bank for Regulation. It’s on sale now (paid $125 normally cost $250).

    The one thing I’d like to let you guys know is that for the simulations you are only allowed to try each testlet 3 times. I spoke to a customer rep and they said they do this to avoid memorization. He said after 3 times you can still look at the answers though.

    Each testlet has like 6 or 7 simulations. The customer rep said you can do like 3 of them (if you are on a time crunch) and save them and come back to the testlet without it counting against the 3 time limit.

    I’m personally not a big fan of the 3 time limit for the SIMS. I paid for the software. I think you should be able to do the simulations as many times as you want. It should be on the individual to understand the concepts as opposed to just memorizing the simulations.

    Done! Thank you A71!
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