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    Used RogerCPAReview only and failed FAR & REG. Amazing lectures, great wisdom, but the actual application to MPQs and SIMS on the actual exam didn’t prepare me. It seems like Roger’s REG isn’t fully there, and it is missing key pieces with Gleim CPA Review MPQs actually filling in the blanks and actually forcing me to study more effectively using Roger’s textbook.

    I had a friend say the exact same thing – Roger’s MPQs are NOT like the actual exam. When I took the exam, the MPQs seemed similar, but it was a little bit more difficult and curved to the left. It didn’t matter – getting an MPQ wrong because you missed 1 out of 3 concepts is the exact same level as someone who didn’t study at all.

    Someone recommended GLEIM to me, and I’ve only heard good things. The MPQs for REG are killer, and I scream at my computer for every question because how difficult it is. Anyone on the same study schedule as me? I am average 40-60% on the GLEIM MPQs. I know I need to get to 70% ish. How are the practice exams for GLEIM and Roger? Which one is preferred?

    Will GLEIM prepare me? Any study strategies? Trying to pass FAR & REG before December 2018. I need to jump 15-20 points. The reason for the low scores is because I wasn’t fully prepared, and I didn’t know exactly how the SIMS worked, and I took them back to back without knowing if my FAR studying strategies even would work (studied the exact same way for REG). There are in fact some people that made that gigantic point jump (post 2017 changes) the second try, so I know it is doable. No negativity – thanks!

    What is working out there in the CPA studying world (not Becker people)? I am a full-time grad student with a full load of classes, tutoring other students part-time, and trying to pass as many sections before the job starts.

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    I believe you can do it. Seems like you are on the right track.
    The best decision I made before taking REG exam is purchasing Gleim test bank to supplement Roger CPA review.
    The Gleim MCQs contain deeper and wider areas than Roger CPA.
    I focused on the TBS more than on MCQs because TBS contains a through picture of the tax return.
    Being familiar with different tax forms would help you through SIMs in the exam.

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