Gleim REG: Security Act 1933 1934 painful

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    Wow that Subunit 2, I managed to get 80% on MCQ and 61% on TBS SIM (I actually gave up one TBS cuz it’s too long and I’m starting to feel tiredness).

    Yet, it’s fun reading–the basis of securities law not just for US but for other countries around the world. But the material is really dry. The part regarding CPA liability under Federal Laws (misstatement in registration, antifraud, etc) nearly drove me crazy. The other part that was nuts was the exemption to 1933 Act

    Also Gleim CPA Review wrote something very confusing in the textbook. For example they put a chart under Security Act of 1933 regarding “Rule 505” yet nothing was mentioned in the text regarding 505. Then in the MCQs 505 was tested. WT actual F?






    I'm done done!

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