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    Is anyone else that is using Gleim CPA Review for FAR struggling with the material? I used Gleim for Audit and passed on my first attempt but holy crap. Studying for FAR with this review course has about driven me insane a few times. Are others finding it extremely difficult? I took the AICPA practice test and did great and thought it was much easier than the MCQ’s and simulations with Gleim which has given me a little bit of hope…


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    From my experience, you need perseverance and discipline to cope with Gleim. I think it is a good resource but of course not as engaging like Rogers.


    The AICPA test sample is fluff compared to the real test, but Gleim is known to be overly difficult compared to the real exam, which is why Gleim users often succeed.
    Nothing will really make you feel ready for FAR, you just have to trust the process (and the curve that “doesn't exist”.
    Good luck!

    Memento Mori - Kingston NY CPA & EA (SUNY Albany 2002)

    FAR-93 11/9/17 (10wks, 250 hrs, Roger 1800+ MCQs, Gleim TB 600+MCQs, SIMs)
    AUD-88 12/7/17 (3 wks, 85 hrs, Roger 1000 MCQs no SIMs hail mary)
    REG-96 1/18/18 (6 wks, 110 hrs, 1400 MCQs, no SIMs)
    BEC-91 2/16/18 (4wks, 90 hrs, 1240 MCQs)


    I feel the same way about Gleim REG. I passed FAR with Gleim and I agree it is a lot. The best advice I have is not to get discouraged if you miss a lot. Even close to test time I would sometimes get practice quizzes 70% or lower. Just put extra time into the chapters you're missing the most.

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    Using Gleim only

    FAR 86 November 2020

    REG 84 March 2021

    BEC 94 October 2021

    AUD 82 December 2021


    From my experience I passed REG using Ninja only. Than I tried the same with FAR and get 67. I switched to Glaim and passed it. I used Glaim for remaining AUD and BEC and passed on my first attempt. Just keep going, sometimes it is overwhelming but since I took FAR twice I can say that difficulty of Glaim’s Sims are similar to the actual exam.


    With Audit, I would keep doing Quizzes after each Subunit from the MCQ test bank until I got an 80% or better, then would move on. Many of the questions are very difficult for FAR so it was taking me way to long to stick to this approach when I already have my test scheduled. In other words, I cant afford to take 2 weeks just to understand one single chapter and every MCQ and simulation completely, so I have just been getting the “gist” of it and making sure I know most of the questions before I move onto the next study unit. Hopefully this doesn't backfire! With working full time and in the middle of tax season, it has been all I can do!


    I used UWorld Roger CPA Review and I am now 4/4! Awesome course!

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