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    I just finished taking BEC and now I’m moving on to study for AUD. Can anyone who has taken AUD after studying with Gleim CPA Review only please tell me if you found any deficiencies with the study material? Gleim prepared me well for BEC and FAR so I’m assuming it will for AUD as well but I thought I may as well ask.


    FAR - 97 (10/12/17)
    BEC - 95 (01/15/18)
    AUD - 88 (04/06/18)
    REG - 89 (11/16/18)
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    I would say you can stay with Gleim. And you may want to read a few pages in the Becker text, which will help you understand Sampling. It was what I did. I had the same score for FAR as yours and my AUD is also over 90. Gleim's MCQs and SIMs are good enough. Remember to do the AICPA sample exam!!!


    Tim. I agree with ckcpa18 on the sampling – Gleim's material just didn't make any of it click for me. I wouldn't say there was any gaping holes in the material – I felt very prepared on exam day and didn't see a single question that really surprised me/was something I knew nothing about. I didn't start mixing in my Ninja materials until maybe about the last 2 weeks, and I felt like that was a good way to tie up loose ends and fill in the tiny gaps. Mnemonics and silly memory tricks made audit a lot easier for me (I'm a tax person).


    I used Gleim for AUD and failed my first attempt in Sept. 2018. Overall, Gleim covered the material well, but as noted above, it's a little weaker in the area of sampling. I just retook AUD at the beginning of the month and passed. Here's what I did: (1) used the Gleim review book, (2) used Wiley Efficient Learning MCQ's, (3) purchased a used copy of Auditing and Assurance Services, 14th edition (Arens et al.) for $8 on eBay to fill in the gaps, and *** most importantly *** made a binder of all major sample letters and opinions in Gleim. There is no silver bullet. Do what works best for you. We all approach it a little differently, and there's no wrong approach as long as you dedicate the time into reviewing and doing a ton of MCQ's. Good luck!

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