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    Hi, is anyone using Gleim CPA Review as their review course for FAR? If so, how many MCQs are you doing per day? I am sitting for FAR (failed the first time) again in the 3rd quarter. I failed with a 37 which shows, that I really need to work hard with FAR. So, any pointers on how many MCQs to do or how much to study or how to get really good on the concepts will be greatly welcome. Today, I was able to finish about 30 MCQs in about an hour.
    I look forward to suggestions. Thanks.

    AUD - 69
    BEC - 75
    FAR - NINJA in Training
    REG - 81


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    When I was doing my final review the last handful of days before the test I would do between 120 and 200 per day. On weekdays after work prior to that I'd do 40 or 60 usually. Then did SIMs that corresponded to the tasks listed in the blue print. I skipped any that didn't. I thought the Gleim SIMs were a good indicator and I felt well prepared for the test.

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