Averaging practice quiz and sim scores in the low 70’s for Gleim

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    Currently studying for FAR using Gleim CPA Review, I’m about two months away from sitting, and I’m about 35% finished with the study plan. I’ve heard from previous poster’s that Gleim is a bloodbath compared to the actual exam, so although I’m scoring the low to mid 70’s on each study unit, I’m hoping that will be enough for me to at least get a 75 on exam day. I ain’t no over-achiever; I’m just trying to get the bare minimum score of 75 then get on with my life (JK, I would still need to pass all other 3 sections).

    I just purchased the monthly ninja package, so I plan on re-writing the entire ninja notes PDF prior to exam day, since I’ve heard great things about that method. My question is: should I dedicate more study hours to each study unit, with the hopes of bumping my final average grade per study unit to the low 80’s? I don’t know if this will have any kind of benefit on exam day, since Gleim averages all your quiz and sim scores, then shows the final average. I think the highest average I have so far is a 75. My current study method is:

    1. Listen to audio lectures
    2. Watch videos
    3. Read the outline
    4. Take the adaptive quiz
    5. Open up a Word document and makes notes of the questions that I answered wrong, and why I answered them wrong.
    6. Re-do steps 4 and 5 until I reach a satisfactory quiz score per the adaptive technology. If I’m having trouble with the concepts, then I will search for videos on youtube, which helps me understand the information better.
    7. Move on to the sims.

    Any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated!

    – Future Retired CPA Candidate 🙂

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    Cant tell you much since i am in about the same situation, hoping for 77 lol i just finished Wiley prep and tried to do the practice exam… not good. i switched to ninja and now doing about 60 questions a day. it kinda helps to identify the areas that i am weak at like EPS/DEPS so i just go back to those videos and the keep doing the questions.. also writing the notes. I wish i could not work and just study. ugh. good luck!

    FAR - 80

    AUD - 78

    REG - 76

    BEC - 56 (April 2019); CREDIT (September 2019)



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