Audit Tomorrow but haven’t finished reviewing last six Gleim Chapters?

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    Would an all-nighter be appropriate? I have been reviewing every single question of each chapter in the Gleim CPA Review test bank and it really has taken a lot of time. My exam is at 1 PM tomorrow. Figured I could probably do an all-nighter and try to get all the questions done. I have passed two sections so far while doing all-nighters the night before so shouldn’t be too bad.

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    No – you will have an awful exam experience.

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    I second Jeff's response.

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    Agree with Jeff as well. I tried to cram in a bunch of stuff the day before, waste of time


    I usually cram until 1-2am and wake up around 9am for tests I have the following day between 12-1pm. If you’ve already gone through the entire GLEIM chapters first time around the last 5-6 chapters will definitely be fresh in your mind. If you’ve taken a mock exam it will prompt you to which chapters to focus Your review on. Good luck. I’m sure you will pass.

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