Additional Test Bank: Gleim or Wiley?

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    I am currently one week into studying for my first exam with Roger. I really enjoy it but feel that it might be a good idea to buy an additional test bank. Shall I go with Gleim CPA Review or Wiley? Or will Roger be enough?

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    Why not Ninja? I think Ninja monthly is the best value purchase if all you want is additional questions. I recommend Gleim as main study material. I'm not sure i'd recommend buying just their test bank.

    FAR - 97 (10/12/17)
    BEC - 95 (01/15/18)
    AUD - 88 (04/06/18)
    REG - 89 (11/16/18)

    I think plenty of people pass with Roger alone. If you are comfortable for the exam, go for it.
    If you're not, you can go with either-
    Gleim is $250 a section, and has roughly 10,000 questions between the 4 sections.
    Wiley is $150 a section, and has roughly 6,000 questions between the 4 sections.
    I believe NINJA is $67 a month and I'm not sure how many questions it has, but probably more than you can get through in the remaining week.
    Really, all of these probably have more material than you can realistically work through in the final week. If you feel like one would give you an advantage, I say go for it. You've already invested so much time and money in the process at this point.

    Chandler Priest

    Licensed TX CPA

    REG 01/27/18 - 98

    BEC 03/03/18 - 96

    AUD 04/07/18 - 91

    FAR 06/02/18 -96


    Thank you for your insights!

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