What is the BEST CPA Exam cram course??

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    Before I go out and spend my hard-earned money, what do you guys think the best cram course is?? I have Becker, but I feel like I need something else! Your input is greatly appreciated!

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    I would recommend Roger CRAM over Yeager. I used Roger CRAM for REG & FAR and yeager for BEC.

    BEC- 76 (08/10)- PASS
    AUD- 85 (11/10)- PASS
    REG- 71 (02/11), 81 (04/11)- PASS
    FAR- 73 (05/11), 74 (08/11), 79 (11/11)- PASS


    I have Becker and Wiley, feel like Becker explains things well and then just keep MCQs using both Becker and Wiley.

    For AUD I also purchased Jeff's Ninja Notes.


    I purchased the Yaeger cram for FAR and have already watched it the whole way through. It's fantastic and I would highly recommend it. If you have any specific questions about it, feel free to ask me.


    Well, good question. I think you are going to get alot of different answers because it is really subjective to the learning style of the individual. That being said, here is my .02:

    BEC: Didn't use a cram.

    FAR: I used the Yaeger cram–this was great. I thought Cindy was great at explaining all the nuances. Plus the notes she wrote were fabulous.

    REG: I used the Yaeger cram and didn't like it at all. Phil is all over the place, hard to follow him. I got the Roger cram in my last week and loved it. I wish I had done it sooner. He is really detailed, and does much more than review. And , his study book is written well.

    AUD: I am using the Roger cram. I would say he is the Audit guy. He worked at Deloitte in Audit, so he is totally on point, and usually throws in what is really a current practice versus what we are tested on. He is engaging and keeps me awake. He explains everything inside and out. Again, the book that you receive, has great notes in it.

    I did purchase the final review from Becker for FAR and BEC and didn't really like it. Not sure why, I guess I need more than “take your highlighter”, etc. Overall, I think if I had been smart and reviewed all the choices out there instead of just taking what my firm paid for (Becker), I wish I had started with Roger from the get go. For me, I need that enthusiasm. Some people might be put off by his energy level, but it was perfect for me.

    All in all, check out the websites and try to view a sample of the different crams to see what you like. Or go to youtube and see if you can spy one there.

    Best of luck to you!


    @ OP–sorry I didn't realize this was in the FAR forum. I gave you too much info! My apologies 🙂

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    @Yankee.. it's ok. i LOVE all the detail you just gave! It was very helpful! I was mostly interested in FAR, REG, and BEC… I feel that Becker does a great job in AUD so I dont think I need any Cram courses for it.

    So would you guys recommend buying the Yaegar and/or Roger Cram book? Or did you just buy the lectures? And do the lectures come with a lot of multiple choice and sims banks?

    Thanks everyone for their input!

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    Created with Compare Ninja

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92

    I got Roger for REG and I loved it. Cram comes with videos (which are online and you can only watch them 5 times) and book (in the mail). The book has about 20 MCQs after every section, as well as 4-5 SIMS. He explains answer in very detailed manner.

    His lectures are also good! I wish I had known about 'em sooner. I haven't used Yager, so can't say…but Roger is great!


    I'm using Roger's Cram for FAR and I love it!!! He's very entertaining and to the point!!!

    Started sitting in May 2002, on and off. But since 2008 I've been nonstop and my scores are....
    AUD - 39, 48, 56, 65, 68, 73, 76!!! (Finally passed in Oct 2011!!!) Becker, NINJA, & Wiley
    REG - 75 (Lost Credit) 72, 68, 73, 75 (Passed again in Aug 2011) Becker, NINJA, & Wiley
    FAR - 65, 68, 75 (Lost Credit) 68, 73, 73, 80 (Passed again in May 2012) Roger, NINJA, & Wiley
    BEC - 65, 68, 71, 72, 72, 71, 76 (Lost Credit)- 70, 76!!!! I AM DONE!!! - Roger, NINJA, & Wiley
    After 10 long years of studying, I AM DONE!!!! Finally a Licensed CPA in the State of New York!!


    Always love Roger's personality


    OMG, just went to youtube and watched some Roger classes, they are soooooooo great, if i fail audit again this time im definitely getting Roger 🙂


    I am really debating between Roger and Yaegar at this point!! I don't know which one to choose!! Help? LOL

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    @jenun hi! I know this is a super old post so I was wondering which cram did you end up buying for FAR? I'm currently using becker and I'm considering getting a final cram review just to tie things up. Also, how did you do after you purchased the cram review (assuming you purchased one)?

    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13
    BEC-80 yay!!
    AUD- 91 whohooo!
    REG- 67:( 74:( really?! I'll see you in April REG!!! 87!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm done as of August 2015!!!
    FAR- 68:( 79!!!! 2015 is soooo loving me!


    Roger, hands down the best for everything in my book.

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