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    CPA Review Material Advice – So, I have been using GLEIM and WileyCPAexcel to study for each section of the exam. I have passed all sections except for REG (score of 65). I am curious as to the most helpful review material to pass this section. I have heard great things about Becker and also NINJA.

    Can anyone provide any insight into the “best” review materials for this section of the exam?


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    What is your study process for REG? What have your scores been like when you do sets of MCQ or SIMs in GLEIM/WILEY?

    BEC = 79

    AUD = 79

    FAR = 84

    REG = 86

    Prayer + AICPA blueprints = my success

    BEC = 72 (6/08/16)
    FAR = ?
    REG = ?
    AUD = ?

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