CPA Exam Review-Which is best?

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    I want to pursue CPA but confused with which material to buy. I am considering Yaeger but Becker is also in my mind. Can you people help out with your own experience, even subject wise that which course is better specially AUD & REG.

    I am more of self-study person but at times need explanation.

    Your comments are my need of the time.

    Thank you friends in advance.

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    Trust me use Roger which comes with Wiley and then supplement with Ninja notes and audio.

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    Which is better: apples, pears, or oranges? There's no objectively correct answer.

    I used the Wiley books and I feel that they prepared me well. In hindsight, I should have supplemented with the Wiley test bank as well.

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    Which course fits your learning style and budget? Demos are your friends.

    Created with Compare Ninja

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    Thank you Givemesleep. I ‘ll consider this.

    Thank you Jeff. 🙂

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    Hi Noct,

    I am also considering Wiley books and test bank. But I have heard that they are in too detail covering topics which are not relevant also.

    I might need help at some places for the explanation. That's why am considering Yaeger Lectures.

    What's your say?

    Thank you,


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    Wiley books and testbank is all I've used. Very reasonable pricing. I've felt well prepared using them.

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    I love Becker and Wiley test bank

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    I'll swear by anything that can get me to pass FAR. Becker is my jam yo

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    I bought becker and love it. However, its pretty expensive, especially if you are receiving no reimbursement for it.

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    @bmsheppard I'm with you on that one.

    Becker was expensive, but i really do feel like i'm being prepared very well for this.

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    I used Becker and NINJA notes for BEC and FAR. It was a great combo for me but that depends on the individual. Different candidates have success with different study materials.

    Either way, get the NINJA notes. 🙂

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    Thanks Everyone!

    Thanks jgrfan1 – I am also considering the same along with Yaeger Lectures.

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