Best CPA Review review for non-accounting degree

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    Best CPA Review review for non-accounting degree? I’m new to this forum and apologize if this has been covered elsewhere.

    I have a BS in Business Administration (earned in 2008) but meet my states education requirements to sit for the CPA exam. I’m wondering if the review courses on the market are equally comprehensive or if one stands out as a better choice for a candidate with minimal accounting under her belt.

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    I would recommend the Yaeger review courses, which uses the Wiley books. Yaeger does a very good job in walking through the concepts and MCQ. I went through the lectures, took copious notes, went through the MCQ, and only read sections of the book that I didn't quite understand. The Wiley book goes through the topics in detail – great if you don't have a strong accounting background.


    well many companies will bore the snot out of you unless you really enjoy accounting….. but in my opinion that is why I want a CPA license because I enjoy accounting and am good at it…… with that said

    I would not use “Wiley books” they are very hard to follow unless you are already a CPA or lawyer I used them but many times I just worked problems

    Yaeger, Becker & CPAexcel, most likely will be super boring as well; maybe Roger Philps but he used Wiley sometimes I think

    all in all every review program is about as good as what you put into it

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    I was in the same boat as I did not get a degree in Accounting. In fact, my degree is in History (long story on how I ended up where I am). Still, I've passed everything and am just waiting on my license at this point. I used Gleim for the first three tests and that worked, but it was Yaeger that got me through the last one. Looking back, I think I would have done Yaeger for all four tests. Live and learn I guess. Good luck!

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