Best FAR CPA Review course – NO Accounting knowledge/background?

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    What is the Best FAR CPA Review course for someone who has NO Accounting knowledge or background?

    I’ve passed BEC and AUD.

    for BEC I used: Yaeger lecture, Wiley book, Wiley testbank, Gleim MCQ.

    for AUD I used: Wiley book, Wiley Testbank, Gleim MCQ.

    I tried to use Yaeger for AUD but I couldn’t stand it. He just says stuff like “it just doesn’t make sense” as an explanation for wrong answers.

    I’m about to start studying for FAR. I’ve been out of college for 5 years and I haven’t worked in accounting field. And all I seem to remember about FAR is debit and credit. ………(i know)… Which would be the best review course for FAR for someone like me?

    I hear Yaeger is still pretty good on FAR but is there any other alternatives?

    Thank you.

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    Tin Man

    I passed all four parts with Becker without any accounting knowledge.

    REG - PASS
    BEC - PASS
    AUD - PASS
    FAR - PASS


    I think you've got a good thing going with Yeager, Wiley, and Gleim. I'd stick with that, especially if you dont already have a good foundation for FAR. I think practicing as many questions as you can, and understanding why you got them wrong, and learning how to solve those problems in the future, thats going to be the key.

    I'd also recommend the Roger review course if you dont like the Yeager lectures. Roger's style is more energetic, so if you find yourself falling asleep with Yaeger, you could try that.


    Loved Yaeger for FAR. Like you, I pretty much had no knowledge beyond debits/credits and have been out of school for 10 years and out of the accounting world for 7. I feel like I learned more from my review course than I ever did any of my intermediate/advanced classes in college. Since you are familiar with the instructors, I will tell you that for 2011 materials Cindy did most of the HomeStudy lectures, Phil did a few and Gary did 1 I think. For the CRAM, Phil and Cindy did equal parts and Gary did 1. I found the handouts they give you for FAR invaluable, and Cindy's approach to cash flow statements is ingenious.


    Can you get the handouts from just the online cram?


    My Cram was on a CD, but provided it is the same thing then yes, you do get access to the handouts with it.

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