Best CPA review Course for FAR/REG/BEC

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    whats the best CPA review course for FAR, REG AND BEC? please share your experience. thank you.

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    I don't have experience with other review courses but I can say that Becker has prepared me extremely well. A lot of MCQ, at least 7-14 sims for every chapter, good lectures, and even notecards. Would highly recommend

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    I used Becker only also and I feel that Becker was always harder than the real tests. The only curveball on the real tests were when they presented a topic that wasn't covered in Becker, or breezed over.

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    Yes, Becker. If you put in the time, Becker will get you there.

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    Becker Self Study supplemented with Ninja MCQ's for BEC and REG.

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    now i can reply to this. i don't get the login problems with the forum.

    anyway, to respond, i was going to say that i used ninja mcqs for all sections and added the book for aud, reg and bec. my primary tool was the mcqs. aud book and mcqs aligned perfectly to each other plus i used the actual standards. for each section i googled a lot, used free videos on youtube from roger and miles and the all-time great Allen Mursau. REG i also used IRS forms and the Cornell law website for AL.
    ninja is lean, no nonsense, and had everything i needed to pass all exams first time. blitz! was usually available and Jeff's exam tips in those always helped come test time.
    i am all about the ninja mcqs! try the combos. i am not an audio person but lots of people here swear by them.
    good luck!

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