Best CPA Exam Review Course?

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    What is the best CPA Exam Review Course? Post your review course of choice. If you used any other supplemental materials in addition to your studies, include that as well. I really just want to get a good grip on what program I should maybe use. Roger? WileyCPAexcel? NINJA? Of course Becker and Yaeger are my main choices, preferably the Yaeger so far but any insight would help tremendously. Thanks guys.

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    I had Bisk and Wiley. Bisk is good if you have plenty of time to study and learn slowly. Wiley is perfect for me. It is very smooth and you can get through tons of questions in a day. I am a quick learner and don't like moving slowly so Wiley worked perfect for me. No matter what CPA review you use I would recommend supplementing Wiley with it. It works great for the last part of your review because you can move quickly through questions and it is inexpensive. If I had it to do over I would only buy the Bisk Textbooks and the Wiley online test bank.

    BEC 76
    AUD 86
    REG 78
    FAR 76 DONE!


    Thanks mparker.

    I read about always supplementing your main review course with Wiley and I had already set it in my mind to do so. I still have a year before I really need to start getting down to the nitty-gritty but I'm so focused and ready for it. I just want to know everything before it smacks me in the face!


    Wiley Test Bank rocks the hizzz-zouse. I bought the 2011 version because I was too impatient to wait for the 2012 version to come out….turns out I didn't even start studying until Feb. I should have waited *lol* The “feel” of the questions seem like the actual CPA exam (according to my limited experience with REG. I'll let you know if BEC is similar.

    Now there is a reason that all of the BIG4 and the other large firms pay for Becker. It's a solid course and many people pass with it. But it is expensive, probably the most expensive one out there. I am using it because my firm paid for it. I have heard really, really good things about CPAExcel though, and their website touts some extremely attractive first time pass rates.

    If I had to pay for it myself, I would totally go Wiley books and test bank though. It would be worth the investment and if you didn't pass and felt you needed more, you could still use them as supplemental material. Win-win.


    Thanks. There are so many versions of the review its tough to decide on one. I feel really strong about the Yaeger though, I was going to dish out the $3,000 for the Becker just because I heard it was one of the best and my uncle used that review course when they were still taking the 2-day pencil and paper test! After conducting my own research, i found the Yaeger to be most appealing and half the price the Becker course.

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