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    Hello there – I graduated with an Accounting and MIS degree from college about 7 years ago. I’ve been working primarily in the audit environment aside from a brief stint in ERP implementations. I’ve decided that I need to take the CPA exam to get to where I want to be. I should have taken it years ago but there wasn’t a direct need.

    I’m trying to figure out the best CPA prep curriculum to buy. It’s been years since I covered pension accounting – like other things I don’t remember much if anything about topics like that. There are a lot of prep course options out there and I want to make sure I purchase the right one. I need something detailed that will break things down into baby steps for when I need to completely relearn something.

    Everyone says “if you use Becker you will pass” but most people I know who have used Becker haven’t been out of school that long. My company is paying for materials so cost isn’t a huge issue.

    Would appreciate some insight, especially if you’re like me and taking the exam after being out of school for a while.

    I appreciate your help!

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    I'm currently studying with Roger and he definitely teaches the concepts as though you haven't seen them before especially those harder ones like pensions, bonds, etc. He's highly entertaining and quirky. If you want that “teaching” style then Roger is your guy. Most of us here will attest that the NINJA products are excellent so you can definitely supplement with NINJA, especially MCQs. Like others have said it really depends on your learning style. If I were you I would check out some demos to help you make your decision. Good luck!

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    I was out of school for 20 years and passed all exams on the first try with Becker. I had never seen anything related to IFRS in work or college and hadn't dealt with Pensions or Econ, among others, since college. I was definitely able to learn with Becker (but it was incredibly boring).

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