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    Mock 1 : 70
    Mock 2 : 60
    Mock 3 : didn’t do

    Actual Test :76

    AUD - 75
    BEC - NINJA in Training
    FAR - 76
    REG - 79
    تجري الرياح كما تجري سفينتنا
    FAR - 76
    AUD - 74,73,70,74,
    REG -
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    ME1: 79
    M2: 61
    M3: 69

    Actual: 72 🙁

    The MCQs was so easy but the simulations was way harder than the mocks.
    Could you please tell me how to increase my score in the sims?

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    M1: 57
    M2: 59
    M3: 60
    Actual: 81 (October 2020)

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    @Brig This gives me hope! I scored a 50 the first time I took FAR and had no review time due to a family sickness. I have been averaging in the 50s/60s while doing review but felt so defeated by this test since I haven't been able to finish it. Hoping for good news.

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    Practice 1: 60
    Practice 2: 74
    Practice 3: 78
    Actual: 79

    Practice 1: 66
    Practice 2: 74
    Practice 3: 72
    Actual: 88

    The REG bump-up is real!!!!!! I am living proof.

    FAR - 67, 79

    AUD - 69, 75

    REG - 88

    BEC - LOADING...*prayer hands*

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    My last practice exam was 86 for AUD
    I just got my score today… 72 – 2nd attempt

    AUD - 72
    BEC - 84
    FAR - 70
    REG - 58
    FAR up next
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    Becker Exam 1: 48
    (5 days later)
    CPA Exam, Reg: 78

    I wanted to do the whole test bank of MCQ's a couple of times over before the real exam, alas I ran out of time and decided that life was too short to wait or delay it any longer (about 3 months of studying amidst a FT job). I don't think MCQs were a problem for me, but they are the best way for me to learn usually.

    I thought REG would be my best as I am already an IRS Enrolled Agent and loved law class. I think I aced the law stuff, which by the blueprint is not all that much, but the tax stuff was really hard, both in the concepts as well as the way they asked the questions… a couple of the TBS's were questions that if you missed one part of the three items (which of these are reportable or deductable or whatever) then you miss the whole question. The conventional wisdom is that the EA is a lot more concentrated and more depth, whereas the CPA is wider and shallower? That kind of thinking would have killed me if I didn't have Becker at my side, dragging my lifeless body through concepts that I thought I could have easily left behind at the EA. My second MCQ was definitely harder than the first and the question difficulty went from uncomfortable to… wow. It took everything I had to get past this test. As I said elsewhere, I know I didn't beat the test, but I think I had just enough learning and real life experience to perhaps beat those who didn't pass. I don't say that to shame anyone, so much as to say, if you walk into this expecting your good looks or EA or good grades in school to breeze you through… you might have another thing coming.

    Outlines! Outlines! Outlines! Study the chapter outlines and it will help you gain perspective on what is important and what is not. I'm not sure how to prep for the TBS's, they are just so random. Some are simple, others are hard. You just have to know the material and I don't think there is much that Becker or anyone can really do but expose you to the question types and give you exposure to the material in a different way.

    Onward to AUD! -k

    BEC 85 (Sept 20)
    REG 78 (Dec 20)
    AUD 81 (Jan 21)
    FAR (Summer 2021)

    "Enrolled to practice before the IRS"

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    Hold Steady

    Becker M1: 71
    Becker M2: 75
    Did not take the third.

    Reg Q4 2020 Actual Score: 89

    AUD - 76
    BEC - 88
    FAR - 78
    REG - 89
    Keep the speed steady and hold the wheel straight.
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    Scott T

    FAR M1: 58
    FAR M2: 71
    FAR ACUTAL: 85

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    FAR Mock (Becker) 1 = 67%
    FAR Mock (Becker) 2 = 81%
    FAR Mock (Becker) 3 = 71%

    Actual FAR = 88%
    8 weeks of study

    BEC Mock (Becker) 1 = 59%
    BEC Mock (Becker) 2 = 63%
    BEC Mock (Becker) 3 = 68%

    Actual BEC = 90%
    4.5 weeks of study

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    FAR M1 = 45%
    FAR M2 = 69%
    Actual FAR = 75% (Dec 2020)

    AUD M1 = Didn't take it
    AUD M2 = 64%
    AUD M3 = 73%
    Actual = 66% (Jan 2021)

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    Practice 1: 65
    Actual: 85

    AUD - 84
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 83
    REG - 85
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    AUD Q1 2021

    M1: 82
    M2: Didn't take (I should have taken it because my next mock exam felt BRUTAL)
    M3: 78

    Actual: 75

    FAR - 67, 79

    AUD - 69, 75

    REG - 88

    BEC - LOADING...*prayer hands*

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    @iwillgetthrough one more and you can change to @ididgetthrough congrats on your perfect 75.

    AUD - 93
    BEC - 82
    FAR - 76
    REG - 88
    How have you been?
    Ninja book and MCQs and the forum, all first try! 2016
    Licensed State of Montana April Fool’s Day 2020
    State of Colorado June 2020 - AICPA Ethics 93
    Experience was the worst part of the journey for me. You?
    If you want things to change you have to do something different.
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    @monikernc Thank you!!! 😀
    Love that change of username idea!

    FAR - 67, 79

    AUD - 69, 75

    REG - 88

    BEC - LOADING...*prayer hands*

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