Just got a 37% on my first Becker FAR Test Sim, should I stop freaking out?

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    *First post so sorry if this is a bit lengthy*

    So as the title says, I got a 37 on my first Becker FAR Sim (both on MCQ and SIMs). I've been studying for six weeks now and went through all of the Becker Material before taking the SIM. I was averaging 60-70% on all the MCQs for each module and felt shaky going into the simulation, but I didn't think it would be THAT bad. My exam is two weeks from today (yikes) and I started going through the chapters I did poorly on (which was most of them but starting with the worst ones first). Should I be freaking out? I know I have two weeks to review but I feel like my first SIM should've gone slightly better.

    tldr; got a 37% on first Becker SIM after studying for 6 weeks, do I panic?


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    I would be very concerned. You typically see a 5–10pt improvement over mock exams. You’d need to double your score which seems like a tough hill to climb. I would keep studying until you get at least in the low 70s. Good luck!

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    Yeah I'm pretty worried. Not sure if it makes much of a difference, but I hadn't done any review prior to going into the SIM, just wanted to see what stuck and what didn't. I'm hoping that after this week of review my second exam will be a better indicator.

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    Reading the book/reviewing the materials was not an effective study method for me.
    You need to be able to retain and apply the information. The best method for me was doing lots of MCQs.
    If you went through FAR in 6 weeks and took the mock with no review, it's likely you forgot/need to freshen up on a lot of the stuff from the earlier chapters.
    Cumulative review on FAR is crucial to keep the information fresh in your mind.
    If you had no review and just did the Mock exam cold, yea, I would expect that type of score.
    I know I had to relearn a ton on FAR after 8 weeks because I was not constantly reviewing the earlier stuff.
    Don't freak out, you got this. Hit the review phase hard, keep hitting those MCQs. You got time to pull this off.

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    Thanks @Recked! I've been going through the chapters that I did comparative more poorly on and then I'm gonna hit the Becker Final Review Book. Hoping that if I grind out a bunch of MCQs and review more that my SIM2 will go better next week!

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    Biff Tannen

    I would think anything below a 60 on the mock exams is a cause for concern. Unless it’s BEC which typically has a 25-30 point Becker bump, but my Becker bump for FAR was about 12 points. Yikes

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    I'm chalking it up to the material that I learned in the first week didn't stick in the sixth week and not reviewing at all before taking the SIM didn't help. I think after I review this week my second exam will be a better indicator.

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    Just be careful you don’t look at only the correct answer when going through the multiple choice. You should only focus on what you did wrong. The problem with merely looking at the correct answer is that you’ll memorize it with a pass or two. I found understanding what I did WRONG was a far more effective Studying method.

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    I'll prob be worried if you reviewed and that is what you got. You haven't review much that probably why you got a low score. Review all of the material and take another one. Should score a lot better.

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