Different Becker Textbooks? (FAR 3.2 v 3.3)

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    Hello! I am planning to take FAR but have v3.2 for FAR and v3.3 is the Becker Textbooks for exams scheduled after … I was wondering if I need to buy an entire new book from Becker or if I can just get the different pages?

    Also, if the Becker program was purchased by KPMG do I need to be the one to pay for the new book or will they pay for that as well?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Most likely you won't have to buy a whole new book if you don't mind studying some of the new content from the online software only, but you can if you want! I personally bought a whole new REG book to study the newest version for TCJA because I prefer having the hard copy. Becker offers their upgraded content books at only $25 per book. My firm didn't reimburse me for the new book When it comes to FAR, I'm not sure what the changes are but it likely includes new leases and stuff like that.

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    A Becker representative told me that with updates, there are only a few changes and only certain pages change. For myself personally, I bought the V3.3 when the V3.2 became outdated due to the whole chapter on leases being changed. It is a bigger change than just an update that causes a page or two change. I recommend purchasing the new book for this reason or you can just study from the updated website. I do that too.

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    Ralphie Dos Nachos

    Just a heads up. the version 3.3 for FAR is good until july 1st. You can purchase v3.4 right now on the website but it's delayed shipping until some time in June.

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    Jimmy Dugan

    You can roll the online version forward to 3.3 anytime you want, but it doesn't cost much to buy the new book if you need a hard copy. I did that when it went to 3.3 and I think it was less than $30 with shipping.

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