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    I find mock exam and unlimited practice exam are very different. I have been doing unlimited practice and getting fairly good score, but when I took mock exam they were questions I didnt see and more complicated.
    Should I base actual exam with mock exam questions?


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    Biff Tannen

    Becker’s BEC questions are overkill compared to the actual. If you can at least score a 70% on the MCQ portion of the mock exams, you’re more than ready for the actual exam, in my opinion.

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    I had a 65 and 64% on Becker BEC mock Exams 1 & 2 and got a 92 on the actual exam. If you're good at writing, 15% of the score is yours just for managing your time.

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    thank you for the answers

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    In general, I took the MCQ practice tests on each section in Becker until I got over an 80% reliably.

    The mock exams were much more difficult than the unlimited practice test MCQs for Becker. The actual exam was somewhere between the two on difficulty. As noted elsewhere you should score higher on the actual exam than on the mock exams. I think about 10 points is typical. There is a great post about this on here already.

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