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    Guys – why is Becker B2-B4 so difficult? the MCQ have sometime 2 pages of explanations. I honestly feel as though I'm wasting time going through some of these and finding myself actually skipping some questions (I never skipped questions for AUD/REG) I find myself just skipping to the theoretical questions in these topics just to even begin to understand the topic.

    i am so frustrated. I never felt this way with AUD/REG with Becker. does anyone else feel similar?

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    Remember that the actual test can't possibly give you questions that complex or you wouldn't have time to finish. Make sure you understand each step of those crazy and complex questions but don't waste your time actually working them out. All of us skipped the majority of those.

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    I'd recommend leaving the harder stuff that you're struggling with until your review before the exam, assuming you have time. I got frustrated during those units but ended up using progress tests and mock exams to target weak areas and going back over the mcq's from those areas that I had marked. Oh and I got a 96 using mainly Becker and found the real exam much easier. Even without the review, I probably would have been fine. Don't get discouraged!

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