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    I have my test on Saturday, and it is the last section for me. I feel very strong on the calculation based sections/ COSO/SOX, and econ, basically everything but IT.
    I have gone through the chapters for IT a few times, but I have a feeling that the questions on the exam will be insanely random.

    1. Did those of you who used Becker feel as though the chapter on IT prepared you?

    2. Are there any last minute reviews besides Becker that you would recommend for IT.

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    Taking it next week so I want to follow this. I know what you mean. There are MCQ's in the Becker software that ask about topics that Becker doesn't have a single word on in the chapters and it got me worrying that the MCQ's on the exam will be on similar topics that Becker never addresses.

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    In my opinion Becker did not do great with IT. The general consensus on this forum is that IT is very broad and not many of the CPA courses nail the topic perfectly. Granted, maybe I wasn't prepared enough but I have heard it on here plenty that people have seen IT questions from out of left field and that was my experience as well. Maybe a lot of those are the pre-test questions? Who knows but I just made a post on this as well because I'm looking for supplements to Becker for IT. I have Ninja and will probably take notes on their IT stuff as well this weekend coming up.

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