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    Ralphie Dos Nachos

    Been using Becker for BEC and I have been doing poorly on MCQ. Just finished Cost accounting Part 1. Felt good on the lecture but the MCQs kill me. Did anybody do bad first time through on their MCQ? generally scoring between 50-70%.


    FAR - 76

    AUD - 89

    BEC - 84

    REG - 86

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    Don't let your initial MCQ scores discourage you! I did poorly sometimes on the first time through (I also failed every practice exam). But I kept reworking them until I had 100% for every module. Then I went over the questions I marked for weaker modules as review. I ended up with a 96.

    AUD - 86
    BEC - 96
    FAR - 91
    REG - 84
    Achievement Unlocked!
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    Jimmy Dugan

    Most people do poorly the first time through. The questions are what make you learn the material. Change your focus from, “I have to get this practice question right” to “If I get this practice question wrong, it will really help me reinforce the material by finding out why I was wrong”

    Don't worry about your score right now.

    AUD - 95
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 84
    REG - 90
    You're killing me Smalls


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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