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    I've read a handful of posts saying that it's important to know the content of the reports. I was feeling pretty good about the reports discussed on A1, however, A5 is a whole other ballgame. For the reports in A5 such as compliance, integrated audits, AUP, government etc., should I know exactly word for word the content of each of those reports or more so what makes them unique? How did you remember this stuff? Is it more common for these types of questions to appear on the mcq than sims?

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    I was told by several people that I should know those reports word for word. I memorized the standard report and all the modifications for each decision. I just took the exam yesterday. I probably had 3 to 4 MCQ's on these reports and that was it. My exam was more focused on audit procedures rather than the reports. Good luck on your exam!

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    I'd focus more on the conceptual differences between the reports, and why they exist. I doubt you're going to be tested on memorizing wording, but you're likely to be tested on understanding what wording belongs on what report, and why.

    Always think from the information user backwards to the entity. What would an information user want? Why?

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    I profit from your CPE frustration. You're welcome.

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    @Skylar how was the test overall? How were the SIMS difficulty? I have a week to review. I wasn't nervous heading in to FAR and BEC, but for some reason AUD is different.

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