74 on FAR After Losing Credit

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    Hi Jeff, I got a 74 on my Far exam, and I took it on 02/27/2023. As the score release showed on 03/17, I was weaker in Areas I and III, Comparable in Area IV, and Stronger in Area II. I am also stronger in MCQ and weaker in Simulation. I used to pass Far in 2020, but the credit expired.

    Due to my health, I could not review the materials for the last couple of weeks. I would like to give myself three weeks until 04/15 to study full-time before retaking the exam. I am not sure where and how to start. Could you please give me some insights or directions?

    For now, I am thinking of going through all MCQs for review first. After that, I would go through some Simulation questions and a Final review to prepare for exam day on 04/15. I appreciate any help! Thank you so much!

    – Vi

    Unfortunately, I recommend that you go back to the basics and start over with your prep. Prepare exactly as you did to get the 74 on FAR, which includes reviewing the materials on a conceptual level. You were at a “74” level on exam day, but that was many weeks ago. This is a common mistake people make – doing a “cram” of sorts when they’re close, but it often results in an even worse score than before, which is incredibly frustrating and can even be debilitating from an exam perspective.

    I don’t believe three weeks is enough – even if you study full-time.

    Go back to basics by applying the NINJA Framework to your Becker Course.

    • Nail the Concepts
    • Intense Notes
    • Non-Stop MCQ
    • Just Re-write Your Notes
    • All Comes Together

    As someone who has both scored a 74 (REG, twice) and lost a credit (FAR), I can relate to your circumstances.

    The only way forward is the path that you don’t really want to do: a complete 7-week FAR study plan.

    – Jeff

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review
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