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    Long story short, I messed up my application by not sending in all the proper transcripts (forgot about my dual credit from high school) and am just now at the point where NASBA is reviewing my education for accuracy. I have been studying FAR for the past 6 weeks thinking I had all my material for my application submitted for my NTS and was planning to take the exam during the last week of February/first week of March. I am through all of the FAR material on becker and was starting the review process this past week.

    I looked at some previous posts and it said I would probably have to wait 6 weeks from now to get my NTS from where my application is in the process. Is that true? And if so, where should I go from here with my review? Should I just take finish up the Final review then hammer MCQs in my weak areas until I get my NTS? I am currently doing an internship until the middle of March just to provide some more context. I would love to hear some thoughts on my predicament. TIA

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    Hi Andrew,

    I had a lot of trouble with the education review process. I was told this summer that it was taking 2 weeks for information such as transcripts to be linked to you from when received and an additional 6 weeks for processing, and this was the same processing time for submitting additional information, such as an additional transcript. I received my notice to schedule about 7 weeks after my last transcript was received by NASBA and scheduled my test for the first available date about a week later. Hope it comes through soon!

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 84
    FAR - 80
    REG - 82
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