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    I am 3 1/2 weeks away from taking FAR. This will be my first retake, I took the exam using Becker the first time and scored a 63 and this time I am using Surgent CPA review with a little bit of supplementation from Ninja. My struggle has always been the multiple choice questions, I continuously seem to be tripping up on the problems, most of the time because I miss a tiny detail that tricked me. My ReadyScore for FAR using Surgent has been trending in the high 40% for a few weeks now and I cant seem to get over the hump. I have been studying why I got the question wrong, took a ton of notes and watched lectures on my weak areas to see if I could understand the concept better, but I still get super tripped up on the questions due to a minor technicality. I feel like I have a pretty solid foundation of the accounting concepts, but I feel stuck and I am legitimately worried I am not going to pass again. I feel like going through thousands of MCQs just makes me too stressed and frustrated to focus on getting the question correct. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    B -

    A - 63

    R -

    F - 63, 78

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    Use ninja mcq’s. Read through all the answers to figure out why the answer was correct and the others were wrong. Work the problems as you go. Make a note of why/how you had a breakthrough. Hit the mcq’s hard. Strengthen your weak areas while staying strong in others. Forget that it is a retake. This is a fresh new exam that you will be taking. Look ahead. Not back. Positive self talk matters. You can do this! Now go get it!

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    Do you know the answer but get it wrong because of the way the answer is being asked? If that is the case, then I would suggest you make it a habit to re-read the question again after you answer it to make sure that you actually answered the question itself. Sometimes we read what we think they are asking instead of reading the question in detail. Keep in mind when you do mcq after mcq you naturally tend to lose some focus. It sounds like you are already looking at why the correct answer is right and why all three of the other choices are incorrect. Don't beat yourself up, these review courses help to prepare you for how they may try and “trick” you on the actual exam. Keep practicing and be honest with yourself. Like monikernc said, forget this is a retake and just go get it and believe in yourself. You got this!


    I used Surgent for my 3rd round of FAR and scored a 78. I used Gleim for many years and sometimes used Ninja but I kept scoring 74 and under…lol. Very depressing.

    I found Surgent difficult at first and missed a lot of questions. Just keep doing the multiple choice and you'll start getting them correct. Depending on what the question is asking, it's important to develop a methodical way to answer certain questions. Learn to recognize exactly what pieces of information you need to use from the question. The CPA exam limits redundant info in their questions but you still never know.

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    I have been on this journey off and on for over 10 years. I think it's about time that I wrap this up.

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    Similar to RobOh, I find it helpful to mark the answer I think it is correct then re-read the question to make sure I didn't miss anything. I also find it helpful to think through each of the other options and how they were determined. For example, if the question is asking for a depreciation calculation and one of the other answers was half of what I computed, that might be because it was for an asset placed in service on July 1 which I may have missed when first reading the question.

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    fsugirl, what was your readyscore when you took FAR?

    B -

    A - 63

    R -

    F - 63, 78


    It looks like you passed after you posted! If you are ever struggling with MCQ's and you studied in a disciplined way like you should've, its because you are panic reading the questions.

    You have about 1 minute and 20 seconds for each question, and that is way more time than you could imagine. If you don't believe me, sit there in your room for 1 minute and 20 seconds in silence.

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    BEC - 78
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    First of all don't feel bad, FAR is crazy hard. Second I never heard of Surgent and do you mind sharing why you switched from Becker to Surgent? If I can recommend one CPA review course it would be Roger. Roger has the best MCQs, best lectures and overall a phenomenal course, if you're open to the idea of switching (which it seems you are) then get Roger.

    About improving with the MCQs I would just focus on areas you don't know very well and re watch the lectures, take notes in the process as well. I don't know if Surgent has flashcards like Roger but those are really helpful too. Just write down all the key terms that you need. Good luck!


    Roger is my review of choice, as I am using this currently. I use the flashcards that Roger provides, along with the corresponding lectures. Do not panic, as this raises anxiety to an extent that your nerves get the best of you.


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