Reapplying for CPA exams after one year of education deficiency

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    Rex L

    Hello all, I applied for the California CPA longer than a year ago (5/29/2019) and found out that I wasn’t meeting the educational requirements. Recently, I just graduated and would like to reapply. It said I am at Step 4 (payment received but CBA has not approved for me to select exams) and I wasn’t able to re-print the remittance after I changed the address and education information.

    After I have ordered the transcripts (6/29/2020), Should I re-print a corrected remittance and mail it with another $100?
    If so, where can I reapply for the exam, or where do I re-print an updated remittance if it still says “Remittance payment received by Board” under the status information?

    I have tried for days but there is no way for me to reach CBA for questions for a such specific case. I need your help! Thanks ahead.

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