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    So I made my first attempt at FAR on Wednesday and it was my first exam so the 18-month clock hasn’t started ticking yet. I’m not sure how I did on the exam but I did get a 77% and a 67% on Becker mocks ( took both without double checking cuz I can’t take these mocks seriously for some reason… lol) However, I did try my best on the actual exam and managed to finish it with 3 minutes left on the clock and rushed through one SIM.
    While I wait for my FAR score, should I start studying for AUD and maybe do 10 or 15 FAR MCQs per day just to keep them fresh in my mind in case I don’t pass? Also, for those of you who already took or studied for both FAR and AUD, how long did it take you to study for AUD after FAR? (By the way, I have a full time job but managed to spend at least 3 hours on weekdays and 8 hr/day on weekends to study. )
    Anyways, I will find out about my score in less than 2 weeks and hopefully I pass because I plan on taking AUD in December which means that I have 2 months left to study for it. And if I have to retake FAR, I might just do it in October to get it out of the way before I begin studying for AUD (which sucks because then I’ll have to wait over 2 months for my score 🙁 )

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    Start studying Audit my bet is you passed looking at your Becker scores.

    AUD - 88
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 80
    REG - 91
    Love Harleys, TX CPA

    Move on to AUD


    You should move on to audit, with scores coming out in only a week and a half you should be fine, even though like the other person said, based on you mock scores you probably did well. I used Becker as well and I studied for 8 weeks. Even though I am studying full time, I only study on the weekdays in order to keep my sanity. Also I am a slow studier and I tend to do everything that Becker provides (watch lecture, take notes, skills practice, mcqs for each module). I feel like compared to a lot of people I studied for a long time. I like to do one A section for the whole week.


    Depends how much time you are willing to spend studying before you get your life back.

    From the start, I budgeted ~3 months per section w/ a full-time job (for the first section though, my transcript got lost in transit and couldn't get the NTS in time, so I think I ended up studying for FAR for ~5 months)

    After every exam, I took a week off from studying and recharged. I also made sure I scheduled my exams w/ the least amount time between my exam date & the score release date.

    I studied 3 hrs on weekdays on average and took most weekends off.
    2 weeks before the exam though, I increased my studying hours to ~5 hrs on weekdays and weekends.

    I do want to conclude on a different note though. Some people can pass all four in 3 months. Some do it in 9 months. I did it in ~14 months.
    CPA exams aren't rocket science. W/ adequate time & efforts, you can pass it.
    We are all different and have different responsibilities. No one can tell you what would work best for you. Find out for yourself and figure out a plan and execute.

    AUD - 99
    BEC - 91
    FAR - 94
    REG - 96
    Done with exam. On with life.

    FAR - 94 (10/4/15), Local Prep Online Lectures, BISK & NINJA MCQ
    AUD - 99 (1/19/16), Local Prep Online Lectures, BISK & NINJA MCQ
    REG - 96 (4/19/16), Local Prep Online Lectures, BISK & NINJA MCQ
    BEC - 91 (7/19/16), Local Prep Online Lectures, BISK & NINJA MCQ

    581 days of listening to lectures, reading texts & 10,000+ MCQs...

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