Is anyone able to create a new application remittance form on CBA account?

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    Is anyone else running into this issue on their CBA account? Got a failing BEC score last Tuesday and trying to create a new online application remittance form on my CBA account to reapply ASAP but the “create application remittance form” tab is not showing up. I know it typically shows up 24 hours after the score release but it’s still not showing up. My deadline is in July so I’m dicked out of the pandemic deadline extension and I know the examination unit as well as USPS are taking longer than usual to process everything so I feel like everyday I cannot send out my reapplication form is crucial (and I definitely don’t want to have to retake FAR for the sole reason of delays in processing/testing centers being closed during last summer).

    Also congrats to everyone who got a passing score on Tuesday! And to everyone who didn’t, lets keep grinding!

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    Just email
    I have been doing this with them because there is a frozen application on my account.
    Ask them to create a repeat application and they will do it for you.
    Do not forget to mention your full name and your unique identifier #.
    You might wait days before getting a response due to covid delay.
    Good luck!

    AUD - 67, 75 

    BEC - 69, 64, 80

    FAR - 42, 64, 72, 73, 76

    REG - 88

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