How I stay focused while studying

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    Staying focused on studying is a common struggle with most candidates. I struggled with it in the beginning, too. After doing a lot of research, I found the pomodoro method works wonders! With this method, you’ll study for 25 minutes and then have a 5
    minute break. I would also work an extended break in there depending on how much studying was going, ever 2 hours.

    This method kept my focused since I knew I would be able to check my phone, emails, etc every 25 minutes. Other than emergencies, there’s nothing that can’t wait 25 minutes.

    Hope this helps!

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    Ninja Albert

    Very interesting, I myself a “full” time preparing for the exams.. I will try this method, sometimes after studying strong in the morning the later afternoon hours are a little weaker. maybe doing this method from the morning, that will give me a boost for the whole day. Thanks for sharing your methods. And that is true taking it 25 minutes at a time, I thought of it sometimes, topic by topic and not getting overwhelmed by all of the material together (just like the 25 min mentality, that anything can wait until the “topic” is over)


    The pomodoro method seems like a good idea! I would normally check my phone every hour, but that felt extremely long, making it more tempting to interrupt the hour session. Mental breaks are definitely necessary! I've tried long study sessions and don't think I retain the information as much as when I take breaks in between.

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    I think you brought up a great topic! I too study for a few and then reward myself with either some crocheting (don't judge me lol) or some phone time. It feels more of a casual study session opposed to some hardcore studying but I think it's much more effective! I know for me I was mentally able to sit at my desktop longer by taking mini breaks and I got some good notes in too!

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    1. I honestly try to remove as many distractions as I can. For e.g., if possible, I would go to library to study, or leave my phone in car.

    2. Plan plan Plan- keep a track of what you want to do each day, then keep yourself accountable. I try to stick to my plan at least 75% of the time.At the start of my studying session for every exam, I put the number of pages each chapter has, the MCQ it has, the SIMs, AICPA blueprint for important topics and then divide it according to number of estimated days it would take me to go through it. This way I at least have a rough idea of how many days it will take to go through the entire course+ put time for review aside. I keep days away for sickness, emergency social events or something that can't be said no to as well (e.g. period pains). I feel this method really keeps me on my toes and motivated cause I know if I am on track or not.

    3. Keep yourself hydrated, sleep as much as you can, eat as much as you need, and do exercise. It may look like you could cram 10 hours on weekends nonstop, but it seldom happens. Give yourself breaks, or time to recover. I dont' think Pomedro works that well for me, cause I feel I get into topic 30/40 minutes, so taking a break every 25/55 minutes does not work, but I try to sit at least 2 hours non stop and then get a coffee/green tea or iced tea. I have a small bladder and sometimes my bladder forces me to take a break every hour.

    4. Best study motivation is thinking of life after this. No more cramming, no more nos to the weekends, no more weekend library sessions. This itself keeps me so pressed to open my books and study.

    All the best to everyone in training

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    Ninja Albert

    Interesting, I realized your scores that you are waiting on both AUD and BEC, do you use Ninja? It sounds like you just started FAR even though your not sure with either 2 scores, how do you feel you did on them?

    I also myself think about number 4, and that may be why I actually am sitting for longer periods than usual!

    Hope you do good on your 2 scores, I am waiting on for REG for this Monday…


    I too recently started using the Pomodoro method, except I realized I lost track of my break time, and they were getting longer than the my study time. What I started to do was having “Study With Me” videos in the background (I found them on YouTube, I particularly enjoy MerveStudyCorner since its 50min session / 10min break). I noticed this helped me keep track of my time better.

    Ninja Albert

    I never heard of such a method, I just looked it up, I really don't get on my phone a lot it's more of having a break just to relax my mind. I feel if I sit and “waste” time I get even more agitated and want to just go through more material until test day, I know sometimes I overstudy but I can't have any time pass! But this method seems interesting, will give it a try!


    A blast from the past – the pomodoro method has been mentioned here many times before. Good stuff.

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