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    I come across the problem while try to create an NASBA CPA Candidate Account through the new gateway system.

    When I put in all the information required, it keeps showing ” Invalid Combination of User Information, gateway user not found”. So I do not know how to proceed because I need to make payment for the payment coupon to register for an exam.

    I called NASBA twice but they only say they cannot solve the problem, it is system error and they are trying to fix it. They only ask me to keep trying it.

    They told me all the information I have is correct but I just keep failing to register. Anyone has the same experience?

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    Did you try using a different browser? The NASBA system can be funky.

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    Oh yeah. I just tried a different browser. Now IT WORKS!!!!

    Thank you so much for your instruction!!!!!! Appreciate it!!!!


    I guess other people are having trouble logging in, too. This was in the Activity Review that I got in the mail. Doesn't say anything about a browser tho.

    With the launch of the new NASBA Gateway in March, all Uniform CPA Exam candidates must have a NASBA Single Sign-On (SSO) account to reprint Notices to Schedule and to access Exam scores.
    If you have not yet created your account, please visit the NASBA website,, and set up your account.
    When setting up your NASBA SSO, use the same name, date of birth, and email address you used when applying to take the Exam. You will also need the jurisdiction code and your jurisdiction Candidate ID.
    For North Carolina candidates, the jurisdiction code is NC and your jurisdiction Candidate ID is the candidate number assigned to you by the Board. To request your candidate ID, please call 1-866-MY NASBA or contact Phyllis Elliott at


    I had to contact my state board of accountancy. They sent out an email right after the new upgrade but still managed to get the original information wrong. You might try contacting your state board.

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    What browser did you use? Did you use a tablet, laptop, or desktop? I'm having this same problem and I've tried chrome and firefox on my tablet. Thanks.

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