Can CLEP count for business education requirement?

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    Just wondering if anyone has successfully used CLEP (e.g., Principles of Management) as credit towards the business education requirement? I have enough total education requirements but seem to be lacking less than 1 credit for the business education requirement. I successfully passed the CLEP Principles of Management and it was transcripted as an equivalent course/transfer credits by a community college that technically I’m still enrolled in as I took an online course there recently. For some reason, the credits were denied, my emails requesting clarification have not been answered and I haven’t gotten an answer by phone. Just wondering whether to keep trying to get the right person by phone to see if there was a mistake or take another online course.

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    Depends on the board, some do, some don't. Some states don't accept community college credit. There are many reasons why it may not be acceptable.

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