I HATE this; another failure

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    Hello A71!

    _I once again FAILED the CPA Exam! Today (11/10), I received my failing score for BEC. On a previous post, I stated that I will be giving this test one more shot, and I did! What a horrible early birthday (40 ) present! Next week, I have a vacation planned with my GF of 3 years, and now my mindset is ruined. And she is well aware that I took BEC, and I am hating that she may ask if I received my score!

    _I studied 8 weeks for BEC while working full-time. The main course I used was UWorld/Roger, which I paid out of pocket. Many moons ago, prior to UWorld, I studied with Becker while in public accounting, and no sections were passed back in 2016. Hence, the reason I decided to switch to UWorld and try something new after looking at Becker for so long without success.

    _Moreover, the Prometric lady also made a comment “Wow, you have taken A LOT of tests!” And rolled her eyes, like implying, just give up dude.

    _I am angry and frustrated at this whole thing!!!!!!! Paying for this course, paying for NASBA fees, paying the State Board of Accountancy. They are all milking me dry. Not only financially, but mentally as well.

    _Now, this exam is changing once again?!

    _All that said, what other worthy accounting credential is out there besides this? I work in Municipal Accounting as a Sr. Accountant. I NEVER plan on going back to public accounting, ever. I’ll leave that to those young college’s kids with minimal adult commitments.

    _I cannot take another fail; it’s killing me mentally and financially.

    _Lastly, like someone once said to me ” Not everyone is meant to pass the CPA Exam”. Maybe I am part of that population.



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    Go listen to the audio book of David Goggins' “Can't Hurt Me.”

    He was 300 pounds and decided to become a Navy SEAL. He went through 3 hell weeks.

    You can't entertain the idea of quitting until you listen to it.

    I like the audio because the way that Goggins and the narrator interact.

    Take a week and listen to it. Report back after you're finished.

    Spoiler: You won't quit.

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
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